Meet our team!

Our dedicated team is always on the ball, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of SpeechDojo forward. We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and striving to make an impact with our clubs and courses. Meet some of our incredible leaders below.


Armaan Somani


Armaan founded SpeechDojo with the passion and drive to make public speaking accessible for people around the word. He was an avid debater while in high school, ranking first in his province by the time of his graduation. Armaan is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.


Ebun Akomolafe

VP, Clubs

Over the past 7 years, Ebun has been avidly involved with speech and debate as both a competitor and an instructor. She has a love for spreading the passion for public speaking and mentoring growth in new speakers. Ebun is currently working towards a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at the University of Alberta.


Josh Karathra

Co-VP, Content Development and Outreach

Josh joined SpeechDojo with a vision to improve public discourse and support disadvantaged communities. He has been actively involved on the Canadian Speech and Debate scene over the last five years. Through his experiences as both a coach and a competitor, he strives to empower others to conquer the art of public speaking.


Sara Mah

Co-VP, Content Development and Outreach

Sara has over 5 years experience in competitive debate and currently pursuing her Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Alberta. She has a passion for communicating ideas and helping others reach new milestones on their public speaking journey.

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Zachary Gee

Director of Finance

Zachary participated in speech and debate all throughout junior high and high school. He is passionate about sharing his experience and passing it on to others. Zachary is currently pursuing a law degree from the University of Alberta. In keeping with the spirit of speech and debate, he participates in his law school’s Competitive Moot Court Program and is actively  involved in both federal and municipal political activities. 

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Amanda Zhang

Director of Fund Development

Amanda is from New Brunswick where she is currently a grade 12 student. She is passionate about public speaking and has held active speaking roles within leadership groups over the last few years. In the fall, she is headed to the University of Toronto to pursue a degree in Commerce. 

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Anuj Krishnan

Clubs Coordinator

Anuj is a grade 11 student at Old Scona Academic with over 4 years of Speech & Debate experience at the regional, provincial, and national levels. As an executive of the City of Edmonton Youth Council, he believes strongly in the power of communication to bring about social and political change by providing individuals confidence and agency over their ideas.

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Caitlin Huynh

Clubs Coordinator

Caitlin joined SpeechDojo to make public speaking resources accessible to all communities. She has 6 years of speech and debate experience as a mentor and competitor and is currently a student at the University of Alberta, pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree. Caitlin is eager to partner with others to improve their communication abilities.


Nimra Hooda

Clubs Coordinator

Nimra is a grade 12 student at Old Scona Academic and an experienced speech and debate competitor. She understands the power public speaking has to increase confidence and develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills and aims to make these benefits more accessible to everyone.


Hedy Zhou

Head of Marketing Strategy

Hedy is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce through the Rotman Commerce program at the University of Toronto. On the side, she also runs a design studio and podcast. She is excited to bring her experience from digital marketing/media and business to help spread SpeechDojo’s impact, and empower others around the world to strengthen their communication skills.

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Victoria Zhou

Head of TikTok

Victoria understands the growing importance of social media and the role that it can play in informing wide audiences. She believes that being able to effectively communicate thoughts to individuals and larger audiences is an essential skill in life and shows that through the SpeechDojo TikTok page. She is currently a Grade 12 student at Strathcona High School.


Megan Kwan

Head of Instagram and LinkedIn

Megan is a student at the University of Alberta and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce. With her past marketing and entrepreneurial experiences, she aims to spread the importance of strong communication skills, and help SpeechDojo grow digitally on a global scale.


Ashlesh Mathrani

TikTok Content Creator

Ashlesh (He/Him) is a big fan of soccer and enjoys watching Bayern Munich and Manchester United on the weekends. Ash really enjoys listening to music by artists like Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator and Brent Faiyaz when he is working on a big project or schoolwork. He has also been studying Spanish for the past 3 years and hopes to travel to Spain and practice his language skills.


Aaron Wong

Graphic Designer

Aaron is a student currently studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. He has a desire to use design as a means to support others and promote ideas that have a positive and meaningful impact towards society.


Steven Tang

Web Developer

Steven joined SpeechDojo to expand its reach with the use of technology. He is currently an honors computing science student at the University of Alberta. He looks forward to working with the dev team to rapidly develop a course hosting platform to make public speaking accessible to all students.


Joshua Ji

Web Developer

Joshua is a student at the University of Alberta currently studying Computer Science. He loves using technology to build tools that makes our lives easier. When he’s not working, he can be found playing the french horn or with his dog.

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Husayn Esmail

Web Developer

Husayn is a second year student at the University of Alberta, he is an experienced video editor who passionate about equipping students with the public speaking skills they need to reach their potential.