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Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking Today

The possibilities are endless with SpeechDojo. Check out our free online courses as an individual or learn more about our academic programs as an educator.

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What We Do

SpeechDojo is an organization committed to making public speaking skills accessible to every student. We believe that through teaching public speaking, we can equip students with the skills they need to be engaged community leaders who are successful in their academics and careers.

For the past four years, SpeechDojo Classroom has brought training to schools ​around the world. Through pairing school teachers with experienced coaches, we can maximize our impact on the communities we work in.

SpeechDojo Online is a free online platform where students can learn useful public speaking skills at their own pace.

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We Believe in Numbers...

And Your Feedback that Keeps us Honest and Focused on Quality

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“Before we started SpeechDojo I was not very good at public speaking, usually stuttering a lot or saying 'um' 'uh' all the time. But since you guys started teaching me how to do public speaking, my speaking has improved. I used to be shy about presenting but now I feel more confident about it.”

Let’s Get Started

Master the art of public speaking with SpeechDojo’s free online courses or classroom courses in public speaking, presentations and career development.

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